Alba, Tamara’s cross-Basenji rescue dog, is the subject of these drawings. They show Alba’s life as she lounges around her home in N8 or chases around her ancient woods. Many of the drawings were made on 4-day Retreats. Tamara is manic-depressive. When she starts to become manic, she puts herself under ‘House Arrest’ ie goes into a 4-Day Retreat at home, with the support of her Psychiatrist, Dr. B. For 4 days she is ‘elective mute’ and avoids technology in order to calm her mind and focus on: Day1. music & dance; Day 2. drawing; Day 3. reading; Day 4. writing …. as well as sewing, knitting & crochet, cake-making and bread-baking.

The Alba drawings are like self-portraits: if Alba looks at peace in a drawing, it is likely that Tamara is at peace too.